Consign with Us

 Prospective consignors can send us pictures by email of the items they wish to consign. Final pricing is determined after the item is received in the store.

Email or Text photos of your items to:

Email:     Text: 316-631-3817

Your furniture, art, & accessories shine in their repeat performance at Invio Fine Furniture Consignment!

We create the perfect space and beautifully display your items. Each piece that comes into our store adds to the ambiance of Invio.

120 days on consignment

You receive 50% of the sales price.

*Consignment details and info are subject to change without notice on this site.

We base the price on age, condition, and original price of the item. Consignment is a partnership and at Invio, we strive to get you the highest possible price for your merchandise. However, it is in everyone's best interest to price items at fair market value that will realistically sell within 30 days. When all is said and done, it is market response to an item that truly "sets the price". If an item doesn't sell within 30 days, it will be reduced by 10%. After 60 days, the item will be reduced another 20%, and 90 days 30%.

Please include any item information, your name and telephone number in your email.

What We Accept on Consignment

We are looking for top quality pre-owned furniture, accessories, and artwork in excellent condition. Upholstered items need to be from smoke-free homes with no fading, wear or pet damage.

If your items have been around a smoker, we will not be able to sell them.

Why Buy Consignment

Why should you buy "gently used" home furnishings?

Most items we purchase in life depreciate in value once we've used them. Just try and take that new car back to the dealer for a full refund! New furniture has a high mark-up and depreciates immediately once it has been purchased. When buying "gently used" home furnishings at Invio, you can put the power of depreciation to work for you. We don't accept any items worn, torn, dated or faded. At Invio we only accept attractive, clean, and desirable furnishings for our customers. Best of all, if you can't tell the difference from new... who will?

From trendy contemporary to traditional elegance, we offer a wide variety of styles and designs conveniently displayed in our showroom. A new shopping experience every time!

Why Sell Consignment

Why Consign?

Have you found your furniture doesn't compliment your interior design, maybe you're moving, downsizing, or merging two households? .... You need Invio Fine Furniture Consignment.

It's the ultimate recycling and green thing to do!


Did you know that over 8.7 million tons of furniture and home furnishings are dumped into landfills each year? Just because you have outgrown your sofa, console, or arm chair, it doesn't mean it has reached the end of its life. You can keep your home furnishings out of a landfill and pass them along for someone else to enjoy by choosing consignment. Keep your items out of a landfill and let someone else give them a second life through consignment. At Invio consignment is the new recycling. Go green ....consign!

When selling your furniture yourself, you're responsible for pricing, advertising, and having strangers in your home. That's a huge expenditure of time and energy, plus you may not get the results you want. We offer the consignor, a safe, no-hassle alternative to selling it yourself.

Consignor's Advantages

Why risk inviting strangers into your home? With Invio, you never have to worry again!

With Invio, you'll never have to spend weekends sitting in your garage hoping buyers will stop by. No more phone calls at all hours, no shows, "maybe" buyers or accepting the lowest price because your tired.
Invio works for you.

Maximum Exposure:
We expand your market by accepting major credit cards and personal checks. In our showroom, your furnishings are given the display attention they deserve. Plus, we do all the advertising!

All it takes is one phone call to the Invio team. We will guide you through the consignment process.

When selling your home furnishings yourself, you risk bad checks and receiving nothing for your time, effort and furniture. We take care of payments.

We become your partners for 120 days, and pay you 50% of the final sales price.

When you want to sell your quality home furnishings, we do it all!